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Measures taken by Moscow to stop COVID-19 so far appear to be working

Quarantine vs. Self-isolation On March 30, 2020 self-isolation orders went into effect in the Russian capital. These orders aimed to keep as many people home and off the streets as possible in order to avoid further spread of the disease. As part of these orders, President Putin announced a non-work week that was to last until April 6. It would later be extended to April 30. On that day there...

Putin’s second national address on COVID-19

President Putin just addressed the nation for a second time regarding COVID-19, just eight days after a nationwide address where he, among other things, announced nationwide, paid non-working days as a measure to keep people home during the Coronovirus edipemic. In his new address, which began at 4:55 PM Moscow time, President Putin: Gave praise and thanks to doctors and medical professionals and...

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