Putin’s second national address on COVID-19


President Putin just addressed the nation for a second time regarding COVID-19, just eight days after a nationwide address where he, among other things, announced nationwide, paid non-working days as a measure to keep people home during the Coronovirus edipemic. In his new address, which began at 4:55 PM Moscow time, President Putin:

  1. Gave praise and thanks to doctors and medical professionals and volunteers on the front line.
  2. Said the non-working days he announced in his previous address have helped Russia buy time in its struggle against the virus.
  3. Extended those paid non-work days until April 30 and underscored the importance of preserving worker’s jobs and salaries.
  4. Claimed that Russia has generally been able to protect older generations from contracting the virus, but admitted that the threat has not disappeared. The virus peak is still ahead.
  5. Admitted that Moscow has not yet been able to get the epidemic under control and pointed out that the situation is a bit better in other regions.
  6. Declared that the individual regions themselves will decide what measures to take to combat the epidemic; for example, what institutions will close, and which will remain in operation, whether or not to institute a quarantine. etc.
  7. Declared that all government agencies will continue working.
  8. Added that if the situation permits, the period of non-work days may be cut back.
  9. Asked all to heed the advice of medical experts and the authorities.
  10. DID NOT declare a national emergency.

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