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My road trip around Russia’s Golden Ring: Part 3

Kostroma is a charming little city of about 300,000 on the Volga River that has the feeling of a colonial American town. It is the kind of small city tucked in at the confluence of two rivers where the tallest structures are church steeples and a fire observation watchtower. It was before that watchtower in the very heart of the historic city center that I was enthusiastically greeted by scores...

My road trip around Russia’s Golden Ring: Part 2

As I entered the city of Yaroslavl, I noticed a fairly large recreational beach along the Volga River. Having spent my last years in the United States living in California, I am naturally drawn to beaches – even if they are along a river instead of an ocean. With the exception of Russia’s Black Sea shores, spacious stretches of soft sand running along a body of water are somewhat uncommon in...

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