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The following is a machine translation of a text I wrote in Russian to a Russian audience. I am providing an English version for those who would like to read it but don’t speak Russian. Therefore, the text may read slightly awkward. You may read the Russian version here.

Next week, the United States will hold another presidential election. I will vote for Donald Trump, and there is no force on Earth that could make me change that decision. Some are surprised that I support Donald Trump. In this column, I want to explain why I am a supporter of the current American president.

I will say right away, I decided to spend time writing this text only because my audience is you, Russian readers. Americans are too ideological and are divided by party. It makes no sense even to try to present your political views in America logically and coherently. Either you, as they say in English, “preach to the choir”, or your words “fall on deaf ears”. In Russian, it seems that they say “to shake the air for nothing”.

To summarize briefly why I will vote for Trump’s second term, I will repeat the saying of the current U.S. president himself, which in fact has become a key slogan of this election. Trump repeats at every opportunity that he “did more in 47 months than Biden did in 47 years” of his political career. His rival Joseph Biden was elected to the Senate in 1973 and served as Vice President under Obama from 2009 to 2017. Internet and social networks are filled with so-called “supporters” of Biden, who can not name any of his achievements. I assume that his so-called supporters do not support him personally, but simply any person whose name is not Donald Trump.

However, there is one “achievement” worth mentioning. Biden was the author of a bill in the 1990s, which led to the mass imprisonment of African Americans. Today Biden himself does not list this bill among his achievements. I understand that he did not have the goal of mass imprisonment of African Americans; it was a unfortunate negative consequence of his law. But the history of his words on racial issues do not honor him. When he opposed the desegregation of school buses, he explained that he did not want his children to grow up and study in a “racial jungle”. During this election cycle, he said that if African Americans don’t understand who to vote for, him or Trump, then they “ain’t black”.

This is another example of hypocrisy of the left in America. On the one hand, they are in favor of tolerance and minority rights in general, including the right to vote. Good principles. But on the other hand, if you are African American, Latino, homosexual, or even just a woman – all the marginalized sections of the American population – and you vote for Republicans, then you are a traitor in the eyes of the Left. Minorities who do not stick to the party line are not tolerated.

But let’s stop discussing Biden and his party of hypocrites. I am voting for Trump, not just against Biden. In fact, to understand just how much I support Trump, I will say this: I wish America would adopt the same amendments to the Constitution as Russia, specifically so that Trump could be elected president for a third term in 2024. Why? This answer has two parts. First, what has Donald Trump done during 47 months of his presidency. Secondly, what has he not done.

What has Donald Trump done

First, with something that immediately sets him apart from his rival: Donald Trump signed the “First Step Act” in 2018, which relaxes penalties for a number of non-violent crimes, reduces the number of federal prison inmates and helps former inmates return to society in a way that prevents recidivism. It is important to note that President Trump not only signed the law, but was also actively working on its passage. This is an unusual position for a Republican, given that supporters of this party usually stand behind the so-called “law and order,” the death penalty, support the work of police officers and generally prefer policies that are tough on crime. As a result of this law, thousands of offenders who committed non-violent drug-related crimes have already been released. And judges are now sentencing similar offenders to lighter sentences due to this law.

As for the economic situation. President Trump signed a law changing federal taxation, resulting in U.S. companies returning one trillion dollars to the U.S. In addition, under Trump the number of manufacturing jobs grew at the fastest rate in 30 years. Previous U.S. presidents, however, allowed U.S. companies in this sector to move jobs abroad through so-called outsourcing. U.S. companies gave jobs to foreign workers because of lower taxes and access to cheap labor.

Next. Thanks to the President’s economic policy, the stock market reached record highs in February this year, before the beginning of the pandemic. The average household income is higher than at any time in U.S. history. Unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanics and Asian Americans hit record lows. Meanwhile, unemployment among women and youth (all before the pandemic) was at its lowest levels in 65 and 50 years, respectively. Next. Trump signed a decree requiring any new government regulation to be accompanied by the repeal of two existing regulations imposed earlier. This was done in order to ensure that the list of these regulations does not grow and prevent people from doing business.

As for health care. Perhaps Trump’s most notable achievement is the removal of the legal obligation for U.S. citizens to purchase health insurance. This individual mandate came into being under Obama, but it is unconstitutional because the government has no right to force a U.S. citizen to buy a product or service from a private company. After all, we do not have government health care. Even the Supreme Court of the United States had to rewrite the law so that this individual mandate became a tax in order to preserve this new American health care system, which was depended on everyone buying health insurance. For those who do not like the expansion of state power (I am one of them), this is a great victory.

Also under Trump, the Food and Drug Administration approved more affordable generic drugs than in all American history. This means that Americans can now buy the drugs they really need, rather than the well-known and expensive brands of the pharmaceutical industry. President Trump signed the federal “Right to Try Act”. This means that now terminally ill Americans have the right to try experimental drugs that have passed the first phase of testing but have not yet been approved by the FDA.

As for US foreign policy. Personally, I am not a supporter of NATO, let alone of its expansion into former Soviet republics, or into countries that are not actually North Atlantic countries. But I accept the reality as it is. NATO exists and will not disappear. So I agree with Trump when he demands that members of this alliance pay for their share for collective security. As a result of his pressure, alliance members are paying more, which has reduced the burden on America. The U.S. now pays 16 percent of NATO’s budget, but previously paid as much as 22 percent.

Thanks to President Trump, the United States is no longer dependent on oil from the Middle East. Under him, oil production has reached record levels. For the first time since 1957, the United States is exporting more natural gas than it is importing. That, too, sets Trump apart from his rival. In the second presidential debate last week, Joe Biden admitted that he wanted to transition away from oil to green energy sources. The word “transition” is just an attempt to soften his previous statements, in which Biden promised to end the oil industry.

Yes, “green energy” is important. But it should be a supplement to traditional fossil fuel-based energy, not a substitute for it. In my opinion, Biden wants to destroy the American oil industry, which now provides income and jobs for millions of Americans.

These issues are also related to foreign policy. There is a common opinion that the U.S. has started wars over oil. I agree with this. Thus, I believe that ending the oil industry in America will make us again dependent on Middle Eastern oil and may lead to new wars.

President Trump, on the other hand, is a peacemaker. He believes it is better to establish relations and to communicate normally with all countries of the world, including our enemies. That is why he was the first American president to set foot in North Korea in all of its history. The U.S. and North Korea now have diplomatic relations, and I believe that if Trump is elected president for a second term, he together with North and South Korea will be able to end the Korean War, which formally continues to this day despite the ceasefire agreement.

This is not the only example of his peacemaking. In February this year, President Trump signed an agreement with the Taliban in Afghanistan in which the parties agreed to withdraw U.S. soldiers from that country in exchange for security guarantees and a refusal to cooperate with al-Qaida. In August this year, Trump oversaw the signing of historic agreements to normalize relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. And last week, Sudan became the third country to normalize relations with Israel, again thanks to Trump. Soon, the entire Middle East will have normal relations with Israel. Given all this, it is strange that this year Trump did not received the Nobel Peace Prize. I remind you that Democrat Obama received it in 2009, a half year after his inauguration, without having done anything concrete yet. This is the Western Left – all hypocrites.

What Donald Trump has not done

There are many other achievements of this president that I could tell about. But this would require me to get into the smallest details of U.S. domestic politics, and for the Russian audience it is not so interesting. Instead, I will briefly say what the current U.S. president has not done in these last 47 months. President Trump has broken a 39-year tradition that every new president has either started a war or involved the United States in international armed conflict.

Negative attitudes toward Trump are often explained by his personality. Most Biden supporters will vote for him because they do not like Trump. To be precise, they do not like Trump’s behavior or manners. There are also those who do not like him just because he is a Republican. They put baseless labels on him, such as “racist,” although Trump has a record level of support among black men. Once again, let me remind you of the “first step” law and the economic policies that have reduced unemployment for African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans.

Personally, I love his style and straightforwardness. He is not a typical politician, and that is why he was elected in 2016. He does not read texts written by some unknown person, just to say what we want to hear. He wakes up and shares his thoughts with us on Twitter. He fights against the biased and fake news media and their alliance with the Left. He is draining the political swamp that consists of life-long politicians like Joe Biden, members of the U.S. military and political establishment and the “Deep State”, all who want to continue the traditional U.S. foreign policy of war and hostility toward countries like Russia, a country I consider my second home.

With that I will say goodbye for now, because I have to put my ballot in the mail. It came to me by mail and now I need to send it back to the States so that my vote for President Trump can be counted. According to the polls, Joe Biden will win this election. But if life always corresponded to the polls, the president would now be Hillary Clinton, not the best president in U.S. history, Donald Trump, who is making America great again.

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