Briefly about the COVID-19 situation in Russia

Most of the discussion about the COVID-19 epidemic in Russia and most countries has focused on a the number of new cases of Coronavirus per day, the total number of Coronavirus cases, the number of tests done, the number of people who recovered from the virus infection, and the unfortunate number of people who did not. Since Russia instituted its nationwide lockdown in the final days of March and...

Measures taken by Moscow to stop COVID-19 so far appear to be working

Quarantine vs. Self-isolation On March 30, 2020 self-isolation orders went into effect in the Russian capital. These orders aimed to keep as many people home and off the streets as possible in order to avoid further spread of the disease. As part of these orders, President Putin announced a non-work week that was to last until April 6. It would later be extended to April 30. On that day there...

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